Boy, 5, dies after TV falls on him


It was a traumatic 24 hours for a Channelview family. The parents were still commuting home from work when they got the call that their ownson was being airlifted to a hospital, where he would die, all from a TV set that had been sitting in their master bedroom for almost a decade.

Mrs. Arteaga, the boy's mother, says she was too distraught to sleep in the home overnight. She can't understand it.

"That television was there for eight years and it was impossible for it to fall, and what didn't happen in eight years happened in a minute," she said through a translator.

Investigators say the little Jesus was playing on Tuesday night in a bedroom. His 13-year-old brother was with him, their grandmother in another room and their parents at work. Somehow as he was opening and closing drawers, the large TV on top toppled over.

The five-year-old was pronounced dead at the hospital.

His parents say little Jesus was friendly and thoughtful.

"He would say, 'Mom you're the best mom in the world,' and he would tell his dad he was the best dad in Houston. He would go to the store and always remember to get something for his brother. He was not selfish," Arteaga said.

The family collected his toys from the front yard. And say the horse, "Dandy," he often rode with his father will now have special meaning.

On the family's porch, relatives gathered around a make shift memorial in honor of little Jesus.

"I want to tell y'all it's been a great loss and I want to tell the parents that when your kids, hug them everyday and tell them you love them because you don't know when you'll lose them," Arteaga said.

The father also told me today that he finds comfort that just yesterday his son told him he was the best dad in the world, after taking him to the store.

Investigators say no charges will be filed as this was a horrible accident.

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