Woman carjacked in apartment complex in Heights


It began a few nights ago with a masked man sticking a gun inches from her face before carjacking her. However, now she's a bit happier since her car has turned up.

At 11:30pm Wednesday, Julin Jean pulled up to her friend's apartment complex in the Heights with her window down to punch in the gate code. It wasn't working so she had her cell phone pressed to her ear when suddenly a man approached.

"He is wearing a mask and he is pointing a little silver gun in my face. And he is like, 'Get out of the car,'" Jean said.

In disbelief, she first thought it was a prank by a friend. But in an instant, she was forced from her car with no shoes, no cell phone and no purse. The 27-year-old also became stuck in a parking garage.

"I'm trapped in this gate and he had a gun. So now I'm thinking, he had a gun, he is going to come back and shoot me. I'm like, I don't have time for the code for my friend to answer," Jean said. "So I climbed over the gate and I jumped and that's when I sprained my foot."

She made it to her friend's apartment and they called police. A report was taken, but there was no sign of her car until Monday night. It was found in southwest Houston.

Her shoes and purse were gone, but otherwise the Mini Cooper was intact.

Meanwhile, the carjacker who preyed upon her at an apartment gate in the Heights is still on the loose.

"I'm happy I got my car back. So I feel like I can get all the other stuff back later. I can forget about this nightmare," Jean said.

As police continue to search for the carjacker, Jean says she won't be punching in gate codes anymore. She will call her friend on her cell phone with her window up and have him open the gate from his apartment.

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