Officer opens fire on man believed to be armed


It happened on Wilmington near Noel around 1am. Police say this is a very high drug-traffic area, so when they saw a man riding his bike without a helmet or any reflective gear, they say he was automatically suspicious.

Police say that they tried to stop the bicyclist, but the man apparently ditched his bike and ran away from them. Officers chased him down the street, one on foot and another in his patrol unit. Police say what happened next is what caused one of those officers to fire his weapon.

"The suspect begins to make assertive movements and begins to reach into his waistband and begins to crouch down," said HPD spokesperson Jodi Silva. "The officers giving him multiple verbal commands for the suspect to show his hands, to stop and to comply."

One of those officers fired one shot. The suspect did surrender peacefully. Police say the suspect was not armed, but investigators say they did find drugs on him.

The incident is under investigation.

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