Alleged victim speaks out about ex-deputy


The cases involve two women with similar stories. Now we're hearing for the first time from one of his alleged victims.

The two cases against 32-year-old Christopher Kerr happened a month apart last summer. The women in each case allege that while Kerr had them in custody, he touched them inappropriately and against their will.

One of those women is also suing Kerr, his former boss and Harris County in federal court, claiming her civil rights were violated.

Monica Marquez calls the former deputy a predator.

"He preyed on me," she said. "I don't know what else to call him besides that. I could probably think of something nicer but it wouldn't be true."

Marquez alleges in her federal lawsuit and told investigators that former Deputy Constable Christopher Kerr stopped her on the Sam Houston Tollway last August. Then she says that Deputy Kerr handcuffed her and proceeded to grope and fondle her and that Deputy Kerr then placed his hands under her skirt and fondled her.

Marquez was not surprised to learn that this week Kerr was indicted in her case and for an eerily similar incident alleged to have happened a month before hers.

"I was also not shocked at all because I was pretty sure he'd done it before," Marquez said. "Because the way that he did it, it was like it was something that he did on a regular basis."

We asked Precinct 3 Constable Kenneth Jones for comment Friday. He says he stands by our interview a week ago, in which he said his department followed policy as soon as it learned about the allegations against Kerr.

"I hate that it happened," Constable Jones said. "I wish that it hadn't. I don't know the details. I wasn't there. I do know both sides of the story and that's all I have."

But Marquez's attorney, David Bryant, says what the constable knew, and when he knew it, will come out as their case unfolds.

"We should be able to know that the police officers that are out there for our protection are truly going to be out there for our protection," Bryant said.

Marquez is suing because she says Kerr was allowed to resign instead of being fired, which would have allowed him to seek law enforcement employment elsewhere.

The department says he did resign, but only after he was fired.

Kerr faces up to two years in prison for each case.

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