Missing boy's mother breaks her silence


Day four in the search for two-year-old Devon and hopes of finding the missing toddler alive are dwindling.

His mother, April Davis, said, "He's a fighter. He's strong."

His mother is trying to remain optimistic.

"Do not give up on my son," April said. "People do not vanish. There is something out there. Somebody knows something. Somebody saw something somewhere."

Searchers have been looking for Devon since Tuesday. April told authorities her son disappeared from the rural Liberty County home where they'd been staying, while she was taking a nap.

Law officers armed with long rifles are protecting search teams from wildlife, including alligators, feral hogs and large cats in what is now a recovery mission. The terrain is treacherous.

Captain Rex Evans with the Liberty County Sheriff's Office explained, "The forestation here is very dense. It's very thick. This isn't like a tree or two in a backyard in a city. This is very dense forestation."

The operation is massive, with more than 150 people on the ground and 40 cadaver dogs fanned out over a mile radius from the home where the two-year-old was last seen. Texas Rangers and the FBI have offered support and foul play is still very much part of the investigation, though no potential persons of interest have been identified.

"I'm scared. I'm worried," April said. "I want to know where he's at."

April says her son loved to play with swords and adores his siblings. All the uncertainty is taking its toll.

"He's the sweetest child you'll ever meet," she said. "He's happy, he's friendly. He's a good kid."

Authorities confirm that Devon's mother did take a polygraph test, but they refuse to confirm or deny newspaper reports that she failed portions of that test.

Eyewitness News has learned that CPS is working with the family to assure the safety of Devon's one-year-old sister.

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