Searchers determined to find missing boy


Devin disappeared from a Liberty County home on Tuesday, and even though the search efforts continue, investigators say they've had to tell the child's family they've shifted to recovery mode.

As DPS dive teams join Day 3 of the search for Devin, other crews canvassing the area for the missing boy say it's a race against time.

"We know time's against us," said Tim Miller with Texas EquuSearch. "Time's against us right now."

For safety reasons, Miller says he's had to scale back on some of his manpower searching the heavily wooded area along County Road 2252 for any signs or evidence of the missing two-year-old.

"It's very dangerous out here," Miller said. "I mean, between the snakes, and insects, and alligators, it's just not one of the things we are willing to use any volunteers on."

Officers armed with high powered weapons were also called in to guard the search and rescue teams, protecting them from any wildlife lingering in the woods where some believe Devin possibly wandered off while his mom and younger sister were napping Tuesday. Many searchers are hoping there's still a chance they find the boy alive.

Captain Rex Evans with the Liberty County Sheriff's Office said, "We have talked to some doctors, and what have you, and the possibility might still exist, but certainly the odds would not be in the child's favor, for any child of that size."

Still as time continues to tick away, these search crews say it's too soon to give up.

"A lot of these troops here are dedicated to doing their best to at least bring Devin home, to bring some type of closure for the family," Captain Evans said.

On Thursday evening, children not much older than Devin attended a candlelight vigil for the missing two-year-old. Pastors at Davis Hill Baptist Church held the vigil to pray for Devin, his family and those looking for the lost little boy.

"You've got rescuers down in the bottoms, you've got families that are being touched, you have a church building that needs to be used -- use it," pastor Don Knox said.

People from across the area are also providing what they can -- food for the family and searchers and as much hope as they can offer.

"I couldn't even imagine what I would do if one of my children was missing. So I just wanted to let 'em know we're hear to support 'em," parent Wendy West said.

When we spoke with the child's family on Wednesday, they said they are all very distraught right now. Deputies tell me they are still investigating whether the child wandered of or if he was abducted.

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