Pasadena ISD ROTC instructor back behind bars on more charges


He'd been out on bond, but with the new charges, he's behind bars again, and the case is surprising students. This new charge is related to the same child sexual assault case in which Former Pasadena High School teacher Ernesto Montemayor was alredy charged. On Tuesday morning, acting on an arrest warrant out of Harris County, deputies found Montemayor in San Antonio.

Montemayor is in the Bexar County Jail right now. Deputies confirm the 56-year-old was arrested in San Antonio Tuesday on charges filed last week by the Harris County DA. The charges are related to previous felony charges filed last year against the former ROTC instructor. A 16-year-old girl told investigators that in 2010, she had sex with Montemayor dozens of times on school property and even at his apartment.

It's a case that still surprises students.

"He was an ROTC guy, and he was a big role model everybody looked up to him. He was the guy that everybody would like to be," Pasadena High School student Hector Ramirez said.

"It's not right. She's a young child, he's an adult. It makes no sense," student Eleazar Espinobarros said.

"When does a teacher see a student in a sexual way? I dont think it's ever right for that to happen," student Glenda Bacaldua said.

Last June, Montemayor was charged with sexual assault of a child and having an improper relationship with a student. Last week, the DA filed an additional charge of sexual assault of a child.

All charges are based on encounters with the same alleged victim.

"Some people thought she was trying to get a higher rank 'cause she was in ROTC and some people were pretty much disgusted by the situation," Bacaldua said.

Motemayor had been at the school since 2009. Under threat of termination, he resigned in 2011. When a warrant was issued for his arrest back then, Montemayor fled Harris County and was ultimately arrested in Kleberg County, where he surrendered.

Pasadena ISD issued a statement that reads in part:

"The role of the Pasadena ISD Police Department in additional charges being filed against Mr. Montemayor was limited to assistance our department provided Harris County authorities in their efforts to locate Mr. Montemayor in Bexar County this week."

He should be extradited back to Harris County within 10 days.

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