Reports: Waller suspect in family murder case plotted Columbine-style attack on school


Waller Police Chief Phil Rehak says investigators are no longer questioning Trey Sesler in connection with the murders of his family. But new information proves this is not a simple case for investigators.

In the home just half a block from Waller ISD administration building and Waller Junior High, reports say Trey Sesler was planning a Columbine-style attack on an unnamed school.

It didn't happen.

According to those same reports, Sesler first killed his family -- Rhonda and Lawton Sesler and brother Mark -- so they wouldn't have to live with the shame of what he was planning.

You see little evidence of a planned attack in Trey Sesler's YouTube videos, although the anime fan chillingly plays with fake guns in those videos.

He also poses with a fake gun pointed at the camera on his Facebook page. Trey Sesler also wrote on his Facebook page that he had attended Waller High School. And if he was planning an attack on a school, it's unclear whether he had any accomplices.

On Wednesday, law enforcement seized items from a house in Hempstead. The home is listed in his mother's and aunt's names.

A neighbor says Trey Sesler stayed here from time to time.

"He'd just pull up in his garage and stay however long, couple of days and leave," neighbor Lisa Mielkie said.

Now the house on Farr Street sits empty. Broken windows in the house and cars outside are clues to the violent episode that ended the lives of three people.

And the YouTube videos are among the few clues to the outside world about Trey Sesler's state of mind.

We have been told that Trey Sesler was sometimes emotional as he talked to investigators. We are expected to find out more around 10am in a news conference. /p>

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