Officials search for answers in murdered family case


The main suspect, Trey Sesler, was arrested a few hours later, and taken back to Waller where he is now being held and questioned.

Sesler will be arraigned Thursday morning. Investigators will search his grandmother's home, where he stayed for a time.

,P> Authorities say these were not "spur of the moment" killings. They have reason to believe this horrific crime was well thought-out.

With no motive, there are still so many lingering questions about Sesler, the suspected killer who regularly posted videos of himself on YouTube. Texas Rangers continue to question the 22-year-old, who's accused of fatally shooting his parents and his older brother with a high-powered rifle. Authorities arrested him Tuesday night at a friend's house in Magnolia.

Waller County Sheriff Glenn Smith said, "His demeanor, it is quiet. He is responding. You know, he will tear up sometimes."

Investigators who discovered the victim's bodies Tuesday afternoon described the inside of the home where they were found as a gruesome war zone. As they finish processing the entire house for evidence, FBI agents assisting with the investigation are now talking to those who knew Sesler.

A former classmate, Mary Brigham recalled, "He had his friends. He seemed nice."

Brigham went to Waller High School and attended drama class with Sesler and was stunned to hear the news.

She said, "He didn't seem like the type to do something that he's being accused of. He just didn't portray that type. "

Sesler's father was a teacher for Cy-Fair ISD. His mother delivered newspapers. While there's no documented history of problems at home, investigators are being led to believe that Sesler and his older brother may have had a rocky relationship with their father.

Neighbor Loretta Schmidt said, "They kept to themselves, but within the community. They were very, very sweet people. Couldn't ask for better people and we're going to miss them."

Investigators say this not the kind of case where everything just fits nicely into a box. They stress that there is still so much work that lies ahead of them.

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