Arrest made in Houston boy's 2004 abduction


In 2004, Auboni Champion saw her infant son for the last time. Then on Monday, she found out Krystle Rochelle Tanner, the woman accused of taking him, was arrested in San Augustine County, close to Lufkin.

Investigators say Tanner is being uncooperative, but late Tuesday, Tanner's sister called police, saying the boy is with her here in Houston.

Champion says she was shocked to get the phone call about the arrest on Monday.

"Overwhelmed, because it's been eight years; he made eight on the first of March," she said.

Investigators in San Augustine County arrested the woman caring for Champion's son eight years ago when they both disappeared. Champion says Tanner was her son Miguel's godmother.

"I came back, he was gone," Champion said.

It was a case that seemed to fall through the cracks until now. The coordinator for the Houston Regional Amber Plan says they were never contacted about the case in 2004. New developments late last year after a CPS report led investigators to Tanner.

"Concerning an allegation or report of negligent supervision of children and perhaps some physical abuse of this unknown male child," said an investigator.

"It was like, I knew this family. It wasn't like, hey stranger. No, I knew this family. I spent time with them. We had Thanksgivings and Christmases," Champion said.

Now she's missed out on so many years.

"I'm hoping he's alive and OK," Champion said.

Eyewitness News found out late Tuesday night that Miguel is both alive and safe.

The Saint Augustine County Sheriff's Office says it received word from Houston police that they were contacted by the suspect's sister, who said she has the child with her in Houston. Child Protective Services was notified and are now making arrangements to pick up the child so he can be reunited with his mother.

"We love him very much and we never gave up. That's one thing I would never give up," Champion said.

Tanner is being held without bond in San Augustine County.

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