Armored car driver accused of stealing cash during ATM deliveries

Jaime C. Hinojosa, 29, is charged with aggregate theft.

March 12, 2012 2:07:44 PM PDT
An armored car driver is accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars on his routes.

Jaime C. Hinojosa, 29, is charged with aggregate theft. Court documents state over a period of about three months starting in October 2011, the armored car company where Hinojosa was employed say they investigated a series of cash shortages on car deliveries to ATMs in the Houston area. A total of 40 deliveries had returned short on cash for a total amount missing of more than $35,000.

The armored car company says that the common thread was the Hinojosa was the driver on all of the deliveries. When the company confronted him, police say Hinojosa admitted to the armored car company that he stole cash from all 40 of the deliveries and agreed to pay the company restitution.

The company's owner says Hinojosa paid him $1,620 in $20 bill which he said was all the money he had left over from the money he took, but that Hinojosa has failed to pay restitution for the remaining $33,500.

Bond has been set at $2,000.