New details in woman's murder-for-hire plot against her Houston firefighter husband


Court documents allege she wanted her husband murdered where he works at a fire station in southwest Houston. Firefighters at Station 60 are being very vigilant after learning the disturbing details about that alleged murder-for-hire plot against one of their coworkers.

Brittany Rachelle Martinez, 24, appeared before a judge Thursday morning. The 24-year-old is accused of trying to hire a hitman to murder her husband, Adrian Martinez.

"She wanted it to be done at work where it would look like it was work-related," said prosecutor Paula Hartman.

Martinez's husband is a Houston firefighter. Investigators say the young wife and mother approached a friend who works at the Casa Ole restaurant on Highway 6 near Little York in northwest Houston back in January, complaining the couple was having marital problems and that she wanted her husband dead. That friend turned out to be a confidential informant who notified the Harris County District Attorney's office.

"She provided, I believe, two payments of $500, and she was going to provide more once the husband was deceased," Hartman said.

Prosecutors say Martinez took bold steps over the past three months trying to put a hit out on her husband. They say she gave the informant the firefighter's photo, work schedule and car description among other things.

We went to the couple's home in Cypress to try talking to the firefighter. An unidentified man behind a closed door told us, "No comment."

Just a couple of weeks ago, the woman's online blog suggested her family had so much to celebrate. In her family's online blog, he 24-year old describes herself as a mommy, role model and friend of the world.

In her final blog post, she talks about her children, new career as an EMT in Cypress and how she and her husband are preparing to celebrate their 5th anniversary with a party and vow renewal. Martinez also wrote she was excited.

She's now charged with solicitation of capital murder. Her lawyer describes her as "scared to death."

"It's a bizarre scenario, and we are going to delve into it and talk to as many witnesses as we possibly can," said defense attorney, George Parnham.

Eyewitness News has learned Brittany Martinez recently started a job as a part-time EMT for the Cypress Fairbanks Volunteer Fire Department. Adrian Martinez has been a part-time EMT with the Cy Fair Fire Department for two years, while Brittany Martinez was just released for part-time duty. The couple has two small children.

Brittany Martinez was arrested on Tuesday. She is being held in jail without bond.

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