1987 killer accused of new shooting death

February 27, 2012 9:50:47 AM PST
Houston police say a so-called 'black widow' killer has struck again. This time police say she killed her boyfriend. The man's body was found in the woman's home over the weekend.

Linda Dorsey, 55, appeared before a judge Monday morning and police say this isn't the first time she's been in trouble for killing the man in the life.

Dorsey has a colorful past. She admitted to fatally shooting her husband in 1987 and prosecutors say she's committed the exact same crime again. This time they say the victim was her 64-year-old boyfriend, Harold Bacon.

According to court documents, Dorsey shot Bacon at about 1am Saturday, but didn't call 911 until nine hours later, after cleaning up the crime scene. She at first claimed he collapsed, but detectives say she later admitted to shooting Bacon, who investigators say had been bound with duct tape around his arms and feet.

Prosecutors say Dorsey shot Bacon when he came over, angry that she hadn't answered his phone calls. But when she finally did call 911, prosecutors say she told the operator her boyfriend had collapsed. It wasn't until hours later that they say she confessed to killing him.

In 1987, Dorsey, who was then Linda Cardenas, fatally shot her husband, 28-year-old Alfidio Cardenas, twice in the chest, telling investigators, "I meant to kill him this time, not last time."

When asked why she fired twice she said, "To make sure I got him."

She then added, "I'll be on probation soon, everything will be OK."

Dorsey served 15 years for that murder back in 1987 and is now being held without bond in this case. She goes before a judge again on Tuesday.