Glitches slow down IRS tax refunds

February 22, 2012 4:05:33 PM PST
If you have been waiting patiently to get your income tax refund, you may have to wait a bit longer. Some taxpayers are finding out the normal refund delivery time is not happening this year.

The IRS website has a page that lets you track your refund, but right now that page is having trouble and some taxpayers are finding it is taking much longer to get their refund than ever before.

Taxpayer Robert Moreno recited, "Your tax return has been received and is being processed."

Moreno is reading from the Internal Revenue Service's own website. Moreno says he's been waiting for that refund since early January when a tax preparation service filed his return.

"They told me to call them again February 7th and I did. I called them and no money. They told me to call back on the 8th, and I did, once again no check," he said.

Moreno says he's been calling off and on for weeks and still no refund.

"I need my money just like anyone else," he said. "I pay my taxes and I have never had this problem before -- never."

Houston CPA Bob Martin says there is a reason some IRS returns are delayed this year.

"They put in filters to try to catch a lot of these erroneous refunds at the beginning," he said.

Martin says at the beginning of tax season the IRS started taking a closer, time-consuming look at returns and some of those early filers may see the biggest delays. To make matter worse, the IRS's 'Where's My Refund' website has a glitch and is telling some taxpayers the agency has no information regarding their return.

The IRS says that glitch is not affecting processing, with the website adding, "We expect the vast majority of tax refunds to continue to be issued within the historical range of 10 to 21 days."

As for those who have experienced delays, the IRS says, "Some taxpayer refunds could be issued approximately one week later than initial projections they may have received, but these refunds were still in line with historical refund delivery times."

But for taxpayers like Robert Moreno, that 21-day window has come and gone.

He said, "We are struggling to get by right now, but we are making it and you know, the refund will help."

As for the delayed refunds, the IRS also told us, "There were system validations that occurred requiring some fine-tuning of our systems. As part of this, in January, the IRS apologized for any inconvenience caused by the revised refund dates."

But as we've seen, some taxpayers are still waiting.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the 'Where's My Refund' website was up and running.