Police: Driver hits woman while trying to take car from towing lot

February 22, 2012 7:46:45 PM PST
A woman is in the hospital after a man police say was angry about his car being towed tried to take back his vehicle and ran into her overnight in west Houston.

A night on the town for a couple turned into turmoil at a car storage lot after their car was towed, and the man, according to his wife, tried to get their car back.

The vehicle was at the KTL Auto Storage lot on Brittmoore near Hammerly after it was towed while the couple spent the evening at CityCentre. The couple took a taxi to the storage lot. The man found his car, drove it to the gate and attempted to leave without paying while the gate was open for another vehicle.

A woman from the storage lot attempted to stop him, and the man reportedly hit her with his vehicle. He did stop at that point, and the woman ended up going to the hospital with a knee injury.

William Rodney Henderson, 61, was arrested and is charged with deadly conduct.

The woman with him was not taken into custody.

An employee with Harris Co. Judge Ed Emmett's office confirmed to Eyewitness News that Henderson is their chief legal counsel. No word on whether there will be any change in Henderson's job status while the case is being investigated.