Investigators believe warehouse fire was accidental

February 21, 2012 11:51:23 AM PST
An electrical problem in a truck inside a north Harris County warehouse may have led to the building going up in flames overnight.

Firefighters got to the Azteca Factory on Blue Bell and Airline and immediately called for backup because they weren't sure what was inside. The entire roof of the structure collapsed.

It's a family business that has been at the same location for the last 14 to 15 years. It's a fiberglass and auto mechanic shop.

The owner lives on the property and fortunately, heard some alarms that went off before the fire and woke up. He wasn't injured.

There were vehicles inside the warehouse and that's where the owners believe this fire started.

"We know the fire came from the truck to the building, so it's either somebody came and set the truck on fire or maybe some faulty wiring in the truck that caused it," Vice President of Azteca Factory Paulino Alvarez said.

The fire marshall says it appears the fire did start with an electrical problem on a Ford F-150 inside the building.