Smash and grab robbery at Memorial City Mall

February 16, 2012 4:01:20 AM PST
Three days before Christmas, violent thieves took over a jewelry store in the Galleria. Yesterday, it happened again, but in a different mall.

Yesterday's smash and grab also happened in a Ben Bridge jewelry store at a time when the mall was full of customers. The suspects are still on the run as the investigation moves forward.

Yesterday's heist happened at around 5pm. Police were initially called to a scene of possible shots fired but they say the noises heard by shoppers was actually the men using a sledgehammer to break open one of the cases before running off with the merchandise.

Investigators have not said yet if this is connected to a similar incident just days before Christmas at The Galleria. A group of men busted a case at Ben Bridge, startling the crowd of holiday shoppers before getting away with about $400,000 in high-end watches. No one was hurt in either incident.

Investigators released video of the incident at the Galleria. We'll have to see if they do the same of the crime at Memorial City.