February 14 deadline for getting tax documents

February 14, 2012 3:40:24 PM PST
February 14 is important for more than one reason. Yes, you have to get the flowers and cards, but by now, you should have received some important tax documents.

The IRS office is probably the least romantic place to be on Valentine's Day, but ultimately a very important place if you still have not gotten your W-2 from your employer.

But while roses and balloons are a top priority, this is also the deadline for getting that most important of all tax documents, the W-2.

But not everyone has it yet.

Houston CPA Bob Martin says it may not be uncommon for a W-2 to go missing, but there is a solution to those broken hearted over a missing W-2.

Martin says you have to file your taxes, regardless of whether you received a W-2. If you haven't received yours yet, you need to first contact your employer; and if you still can't get it, Martin says the IRS can ease your pain with a Form 4852, which allows you to estimate the amount you made and go ahead and get the return filed," Martin said.

The key, however, is contacting the IRS.

Lea Crusberg works at the Internal Revenue Services's Gessner office and recommends those without a W-2 should call the IRS. Callers should already have the following information available: a phone number, Social Security number, and the employers' names and numbers and dates of employment.

If you got a 10-99 but never considered yourself an independent contractor, call the Texas Workforce Commission office and that agency can get to the bottom of the issue.