Armed men steal van with medications

The theft happened at about 8:20am at the Casa de Amigos facility on north Main

February 6, 2012 3:04:11 PM PST
Police are searching for a stolen van filled with prescription drugs. The van was taken by men with guns outside of a north Houston clinic.

It happened at about 8:20am at the Casa de Amigos facility on north Main. So far, that van and the men who took it are nowhere to be found.

When Vanessa Carmean left for work today, she wasn't entirely surprised there was a robbery just a couple of blocks from her home.

She said, "There's enough construction and trucks coming in and out, along with vacant lots, that break-ins are pretty frequent."

What happened here, though, has no sign of being a random crime -- rather one coordinated with the arrival of an unmarked white van operated by a contractor for the county hospital district that delivers drugs and medical supplies to Casa de Amigos Health Clinic.

We're told the van pulled up to the back of the clinic on north main and delivered supplies. When the delivery driver returned, two armed men walked up, pulled him from the van and sped off in it.

The robbery happened before the clinic opened to patients, so none were endangered and few seemed to know anything had happened.

A statement from the Harris County Hospital District in response to the robbery states, "We take the provision of health care in a safe environment very seriously. Thankfully this occurred outside our facility in the early morning hours before it opened to patients. We are cooperating with local law enforcement to find those responsible."

There's no report of the stolen van being recovered, with or without the drugs.