Couple accuses HPD of police abuse

A local woman is claiming she and her husband were victims of police abuse during a traffic stop on Friday.

January 30, 2012 7:00:45 AM PST
A local woman is claiming she and her husband were victims of police abuse, and they, along with community activists, are calling on the HPD to do something about it.

Annika Lewis and her husband, Sebastian Prevot, took their allegations against the Houston Police Department public Sunday morning.

At a press conference, they claimed several officers beat up Prevot during a traffic stop Friday.

According to the couple, Prevot was arrested for evading arrest after he failed to immediately stop when police signaled him for a traffic violation two blocks from their home.

Lewis says she saw officers hitting and kicking her husband, and when she took cell phone video of the alleged incident, she was also attacked and her cell phone was damaged.

"That card would have shown my husband being kicked while he was in handcuffs," Lewis said. "All I have to say is that I do not trust the police anymore. My frame of mind is to where, even if I see a police car, I feel like I am going to be beat again."

A spokesman from HPD could not comment on the alleged incident. But says claims of inappropriate behavior are something HPD takes seriously. He says it's an issue internal affairs could investigate upon receiving a complaint.

For now, that's little relief for Lewis and her husband.