Man accused of sexually assaulting niece, 13

January 28, 2012 8:12:50 PM PST
Police in the city of South Houston are searching for a man who they say sexually assaulted his 13-year old niece.

The young girl and her parents say they want justice.

"He was always begging and begging me to please do something with him," the girl told us, speaking about her uncle.

The girl says she gave in to the demands of her 29-year-old uncle after weeks of pressure.

"What was he thinking? Did he, like, use me?" she asked. "Because a lot of people are saying that he used me."

South Houston police say Rogelio Celedon Perez took his niece to a local motel earlier this month and the two had sex.

After the encounter, the girl told her family what happened.

Police have now charged Perez with aggravated sexual assault of a child.

Prudencia Deloya is the young victim's mother and the suspects sister-in-law. She says Perez has now fled to Mexico, leaving behind raw emotions and anger.

"I never thought my brother-in-law would harm us like this. Her own uncle harmed her like this for the rest of her life," Deloya said.

The victim's mother tells us her family helped bring Perez to the United States and she cannot understand why a grown man would seek out a child for sex.

"It hurts me a lot to see my daughter, husband and myself sit here and suffer for what has been caused by my husband's family," Deloya said.

Deloya says she did not know Perez had been seeking out her daughter for weeks.

"When she would go towards school, he would take her to the hotel and abuse her," she said.

Deloya says she wants to see her brother-in-law brought back to South Houston.

"He is in Mexico. I really want for them to catch him, to make him pay for everything he has caused us," Deloya said.

As for the girl, she wishes now she had told her parents about her uncle's advances.

While family members are certain Perez is in Mexico, police say if you have seen him, you are urged to call authorites in South Houston.