Giant gold nugget on display at Houston Museum of Natural Science

Image of the Ausrox Gold Nugget being displayed at the Houston Museum of Natural Science (David Aguillard)

January 26, 2012 4:53:28 PM PST
Earlier this week, we told you about a giant golden nugget coming to the Houston Museum of Natural Science. It has now arrived, and museum officials are showing it off.

Take a look at the Ausrox Gold Nugget, discovered back in April by three prospectors working with a metal detector. It goes on display starting Friday and will be at the museum for the next nine months.

If you're wondering why it hasn't been melted down and sold off, the nugget itself is worth way more as a whole than the $1 million it's worth in pieces.

Houston is the nugget's first stop, then it goes on to Dallas and Munich as part of a world tour.