Deputies: Bicyclist killed by hit-and-run driver

Jerad James Thomas, 36, has been charged with accident involving injury/death

January 24, 2012 8:54:26 AM PST
A man was arrested overnight after deputies say he was so drunk he didn't even know he ran over and killed someone.

A 53-year-old man was riding his bike on Jones Road near Fallbrook when he was hit and killed just before midnight.

Deputies say the driver who hit him took off, but a license plate fell off the cargo van. Minutes later, they tracked down the van's owner, who told deputies his friend was driving.

They then tracked down that friend at his home. Deputies say Jerad James Thomas was slumped over, asleep on his stairs. Deputies say he was so intoxicated that he had fallen asleep on top of the keys to the van. Deputies eventually arrested Thomas after they had to use a Taser on him to get him to comply.

"He admitted to being the driver of that van," said Sgt S. Wolverton with the Harris County Sheriff's Office. "He says he does not recall striking anything in the roadway, however."

Deputies say Thomas failed a field sobriety test. Thomas, 36, is charged with accident involving injury/death.