Pasadena parents accused of nearly starving children

January 19, 2012 10:00:00 PM PST
A Pasadena father and mother are now facing charges after their baby boy was found to be severely malnourished, and we spoke with the grandmother and great grandmother of the six children who were removed from the couple's home.

Nicholas and Andrea Murrey are the parents of the 8-week-old baby boy. Each is wanted on a charge of injury to a child by omission. No one answered the door at their home on Friday, but Eyewitness News was able to track down Andrea's grandmother.

"What can you say? They're my grandchildren," said Andrea's grandmother who asked us not to identify her.

She says she told her granddaughter to feed her children more, but detectives found something else.

"The child weighed seven pounds when it was born, and when our officers made entry into the home and CPS got involved, the child still weighed seven pounds," Pasadena Police Department Spokesman Vance Mitchell said.

It all began last August when Andrea brought her four-year-old daughter for treatment at Bayshore Medical Center. Doctors say the girl was dirty and had bruises, so police were called. Soon, CPS moved the girl and her three siblings out of the home.

"You think they're better off in CPS custody?" we asked the great grandmother.

"I do. And I know it hurts so bad, because for some reason, we can't even see them for ourselves," she said.

Investigators say at one point, there were six children inside the house. The Murreys had four, and Nicolas Murrey's girlfriend also live there with her two kids.

"Her father and I don't appreciate her being there, but she's her own person, and we can't stop her. She doesn't live with us. We can't tell her what to do. But I'm in charge of her children," said Bobbie McCoy, the grandmother of the other two children.

McCoy is now raising the toddlers, even as her daughter still lives with the Murreys, a couple that the great grandmother describes as unfit parents.

"They couldn't provide for them. It's why they would be in a better place," the great grandmother said.

While family members cope with what's happened, police are hoping the suspects will turn themselves in.