Video shows deputies running errands on your dime

January 18, 2012 3:34:51 AM PST
A 13 Undercover surveillance team has some pictures you'll want to see. After Watergate, it was all about the president's men. Now, it's all about the constable's men and what they did for the boss.

The FBI says the constable used some of his deputies as personal errand boys when they should have been protecting you. What do you think? Does a constable really need a chauffeur?

The last time you saw Lt. Ken Wiener, he was in handcuffs. The guy next to him, he's FBI. But before Wiener found out he was facing decades in prison, he got the chance to meet us.

"Got a lot of questions for you," we told Wiener.

"Well, I don't know if I've got a lot of answers for you," he replied.

He's been constable Abercia's right-hand man for years, and he's not cheap; you pay him $72,000 a year.

"What about all the errands and stuff you had him do for you and your family?" we asked Abercia.

"No, no, y'all are wrong," Abercia said.

"I've got it on video," we replied.

"Well, you may have it on video, but it wasn't me giving him information to do stuff," Abercia said.

But we've got the video. It sure looks like you were paying Ken Wiener an awful lot of money to be an errand boy for the Abercia family.

"You also chauffeur around the constable and his family?" we asked Wiener.

"Not his family, no," he replied.

But here's Wiener picking up the Abercia clan in the constable's county car. He'll drive them to meet the constable for lunch at the Tejas Grill downtown, and he doesn't even get to eat with them.

We know the Abercia family has their own car. It's a Lincoln, because we followed Ken Wiener when he picked up the family car and drove it across town to a vehicle inspection place in Garden Oaks.

"No, never happened," Wiener said.

"You never took his wife's car in for any service?" we asked.


"At any station?"

"No Wayne, I didn't. That's all I can say," Wiener said.

The constable announced his retirement days before the FBI put him in chains. See the walker he used to charge at cameramen? Well the constable has a broken foot and he claimed that's why we saw the lieutenant driving him around.

"When I got sick, yeah he did take me places," Abercia said.

"Just because you were sick?" we asked.

"That's right," he said.

Wiener gave us that broken foot story, too. Maybe they didn't realize we've been doing surveillance since last July. You can see the constable walking just fine when Ken picked him and the misses up. Of course, the constable gets to sit in the back.

"We need a top-to-bottom, probably, investigation of everything that's been going on in our office," Harris County Pct. 1 Chief Deputy J.C. Mosier said.

Lt. Wiener has one other problem. During the work day, we watched him leave his county job to be a paid courier for a steel company -- traveling from the south side, then to the north side, then to the bank.

"He takes his own time to do those things, and I don't have anything to do with it. I don't approve extra jobs -- J.C. Mosier does," Abercia said.

"Who approved that?" we asked Wiener.

"Everybody, it's just an extra job," he replied.

"No, who approved the extra job?" we pressed.

"I guess J.C. Mosier had something to do with it. He knows about it," he replied.

"I knew nothing about SSS Steel and what they were doing, what it was. Never knew it was an extra job," Mosier told us.

Wiener says the courier job is done on his lunch hour and after work, but time sheets and our hidden camera video don't help him.

"Well then he's got a problem," Abercia said.

Chief Butler predicted the constable would say just that, and thanks to our hidden camera, you can hear it for yourself.

"Jack would throw Wiener to the wolves?" a deputy can be heard asking Butler on hidden camera.

"Yes," Butler replies.

"And just say he didn't know nothing about it?" the deputy asks.

"He didn't know nothing about it," Butler says, confirming the deputy's statement.

"Knowing (expletive) well he knows?" the deputy asks.

"Yep," Butler says on hidden camera.

Wiener had one last chauffeur job last week. He brought the constable's wife over to FBI headquarters after Abercia was arrested. Wiener had no clue then he was about to get arrested too.

Wiener is now facing federal charges, and Precinct One tells us he's just been fired. He may not be the last casualty of this scandal still unfolding.

On Wednesday, hidden video of the guys some people at Precinct One like to call the constable's cabana boys.