New Marvel comic 'The Scarlet Spider' set in Houston

New Marvel comic book 'The Scarlet Spider' set in Houston and is now on sale

January 11, 2012 2:59:47 PM PST
Houston today became a new part of the Marvel Comics universe.

The new comic based in Houston went on sale Wednesday. The comic is called "The Scarlet Spider." The book's writer and illustrator stopped by Eighth Dimension Comics and Games to sign copies of the first issue. The Scarlet Spider is actually a clone of one of Marvel's biggest characters, Spiderman.

He comes to Houston to hide from his past crimes, and finds himself battling super villains. But why did Marvel choose Houston?

"We looked at the south and Houston offers so many great opportunities for stories with proximity to Mexico, proximity to the Gulf and just like it has a very unique flavor. And it's a lot of story potential there," said Christopher Yost, writer of The Scarlet Spider.

The Scarlet Spider is available at local comic shops.