Man fleeing from deputies damages home during crash

January 11, 2012 9:30:28 AM PST
A man was inside his home when a suspect trying to escape from deputies crashed into a wood fence, sending debris flying into his home.

Deputies started chasing the suspect in northwest Harris County. They say the suspect lost control of his vehicle on Antoine near Halstead and plowed into the wood fence around 2am.

A man was asleep inside his home when he heard the crash and then saw parts of the fence fly into his window. Debris from the fence left a hole in part of the man's house.

"You know I was traumatized. I was freaked out," said homeowner Jimmy Babaer. "This time of the morning, you don't think you're gonna hear explosions and glass going everywhere."

Babeer wasn't hurt and the suspect who caused the crash was arrested at the scene.