Dead and dying cats found at animal sanctuary


Police found cats living in deplorable conditions at the sanctuary. Rescue workers pulled out dozens of live cats and found several more dead inside the facility.

Captain Brian Goetschius with the Texas City Police Department said, "We have obtained a civil order which allows us to go in to get the live animals to be taken to a veterinarian clinic or examined by a vet. We're in the process of getting a search warrant which would allow us to examine the physical condition of the premises."

Some workers had to use breathing masks to deal with the stench inside. The owner says she left an employee in charge of feeding the cats. That employee says she hired a volunteer to feed the cats but that volunteer never took care of the animals.

You may recall a legal fight in involving Whiskerville and the owner of two German Shepherds. In the summer of 2010, Daisy Garza's dogs got lost and ended up at Whiskerville. Garza tried to claim her animals but Whiskerville said it had already adopted out the dogs to a new owner. Garza took the animal sanctuary to court. After a few months of legal wrangling, a judge ordered the two dogs returned to Garza.

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