Edible trail in Missouri City almost always in bloom


The edible arbor trail is along the Oyster Creek Trail in Missouri City. The edible trail has been around for about two years, so it's still growing, but species of plants and trees such as plums, mulberries and figs are hearty and drought resistant. They've survived and are growing.

"With minimal work as far as irrigation and pest control, we don't spray for insects and things like that," said Paul Wierzbicki, a forester with Missouri City. "We're not going to spend a lot of time out here trying to produce fruit. We're gonna let them do it on their own in their own time."

The eight different species are drought resistant and relatively pest-free. Even better, through volunteers, grants and corporate donations, the edible arbor trail hasn't cost taxpayers one cent.

The blooms are staggered, so something's blooming most of the year. Right now, it's the pomegranates.

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