Texans playoff tickets sell out in less than 5 minutes


The team sold 2,000 tickets on Friday in about five minutes, but fans can still get into the big game, if they are willing to pay some big bucks.

Jim Nicolai first got Texans season tickets for their inaugural season and he bought tickets for the Texans first ever playoff game, but he has to give them up.

"Yeah, I'm gonna sell 'em . I been through a divorce so I kinda need the money," he said.

Nicolai and many others are selling their Texans tickets on StubHub.com. The site has about $6,400 playoff tickets for sale. Prices start around $135 and range up to $2,500. We did find one seller offering two nosebleed seats for almost $10,000.

"It does definitely give us plenty of inventory for people to go to the event that they want to go to, to see their home team in a playoff game, which this city hasn't seen in a long time," said Brian Young with StubHub.

The tickets are the hottest ones in Houston. The sellers hope they can cash in on playoff fever.

"The biggest thing is just seeing how excited the city is, that the home team is finally in the playoffs. Everyone's excited," Young said.

The date, time and opponent for the Texans playoff game will be determined Sunday after the final regular season games are played.

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