Man accused of stabbing wife, setting home on fire


Investigators are still trying to sort out the details that left Craig Parker and his wife both injured. Parker's wife has been treated at Memorial Hermann Northwest and was expected to be released late in the day. Craig was treated and released from the hospital, but he remains in police custody.

The fire trucks and ambulance shattered the early morning quiet along the 6500 block of TC Jester. Police say Craig Parker stabbed his wife, then poured gasoline around their home before attempting to set it on fire.

James LaGrone lives next door.

"I didn't see nothing," he said. "I'm standing in my driveway trying to wonder what was going on. I know there's a big commotion there, but I don't know what's going on."

Firefighters quickly put out the small fire, and Parker's wife was taken to the hospital. Initially, firefighters didn't know where to find Parker.

"We didn't know for sure where he was," explained Houston Fire Department District Chief Michael Thorp. "He reportedly was still in the house. As it turns out, he was. He bailed out of a window."

Parker was treated and released from the hospital, but the alleged stabbing wasn't his only brush with the law. Court documents show last June he was accused of kicking his wife. His own attorney even filed paperwork saying she's worried about Parker's mental well-being and wanted him evaluated.

Neighbors found that hard to believe.

"Very friendly, very friendly, stayed to themselves, also spoke in a good mood, enjoyed their family members, you know, had visitors and everything like that," said neighbor Stacy Williamson.

Parker's attorney confirms the husband and wife both worked as civilian contractors in Iraq. Neighbors say when they came back, everything seemed normal. Thursday's alleged stabbing and fire was the last thing they expected.

"Nothing like this has ever happened," Williamson said. "You can't predict this, things happen."

Grown children we reached at the couple's home did not want to comment on the incident. Parker's attorney was unaware of the event until we brought it to her attention.

The police department says legal proceedings are on-going.

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