Three teens in custody after police chase


It all started when police tried to pull over a car at Berry and Dowling. The driver took off on Highway 288 and it all ended several miles later, off Alsace and La Salette. That's when police say the five teenagers -- all 14 years old -- jumped out and tried to run away. Officers caught three of them.

Police say the car they were driving had been reported stolen yesterday.

While responding to that police chase., one officer was rear-ended. It happened on the South Freeway at Holcombe. The officer went to take the exit ramp from Highway 288 when a yellow car came up behind him and slammed into the back end, sending the police car into a spin.

The officer was not hurt. But the driver of the car had to be taken to the hospital.

Witnesses say she was simply not paying attention and hit the officer by accident.

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