Security experts weigh in on armored truck robbery


We're still waiting for details on how much money was stolen in the heist, and police have not released much information about the suspect. But there are questions about what went wrong, and how the suspect was able to take control of the van.

As the investigation continues, some security experts we spoke with are curious about the outcome.

It happened in broad daylight Tuesday in front of witnesses -- an armored van and its two armed guards stopped at a Kroger Fuel Center and overtaken by what police were told was a lone gunman.

"It looked like he was shooting at the van. He wasn't trying to shoot out everywhere. He just focused on the armored truck," said one eyewitness.

The van and all the money it contained were hijacked and recovered one street away at an apartment complex. The robber was said to have left in a blue Chrysler PT Cruiser. The heist was big news certainly in the security world.

"It's very seldom that an armored vehicle gets taken," said Sergeant Glenn Anderson with BP International Security Training.

BP International is in the business of training those who want to be security guards and that includes working as armored car guards. What baffles Sgt. Anderson is why the armored car guards from Tuesday's robbery appeared to both be out of the truck and vulnerable to a robber. Usually, we're told, a driver always stays in the vehicle.

"It's very seldom that the officer inside the truck is going to get robbed unless there are high-powered assault rifles involved and explosives involved like you might see on your little TV shows. But it has to be a well-synchronized robbery in order for you to get the truck," said Sgt. Anderson.

As for the stolen armored van, it's now back at Triple D Security, bullet holes and all. We attempted to speak to the company office, but they told us no one was available.

It's unknown for now whether one guard left the van to protect his partner who may have been threatened by the gunman at the time. All of that will be part of the FBI investigation, according to a spokesperson.

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