Deals to be had on day after Christmas


How does half off sound? Because that's what you will find on just about everything Christmas related.

Stores are slashing the Christmas items in an effort to clear out what was not purchased last week. Retailers say the shoppers come in waves, with those arriving first finding the best selection of sheets, dishes, lights and wrapping paper.

Shoppers say they are going to need the items they are snapping up when Christmas comes next year and by getting things now, and the fact everything is up to half off or more makes this a holiday tradition that is not to be missed.

"I come out here every year. I like their sheets, they have the nice snowman sheets and so that's what I come out here for and some paper, wrapping paper, and holiday bags," shopper Suzanne Wessels said.

The early birds were not disappointed in the selection at this Target store. You can still find flannel sheets, dishes, decorations and, of course, wrapping paper. Those items are all up to 50 percent off.

One woman said she is able to save serious money by waiting until today to get her Christmas decorations.

"Ok, I guess I am going to spend $150 to $200, and that would have cost me $400, so yeah, twice the cost; it's fifty percent off," said Sandie Cowan.

The key is to get out early. Experienced shoppers told us by early afternoon the good stuff will very likely be gone.

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