Last-second shoppers brave cold, wet weather


Local grocery stores and shopping malls saw an influx of shoppers looking to get that final item crossed off their lists.

They were using umbrellas, ponchos and even bags to try and stay dry as the final shopping hours ticked away.

Good parking spots are always hard to come by on Christmas Eve, but it seemed worse this year as shoppers were trying to stay as dry as they could.

"One thing you can depend upon in Houston is rain during Christmas," shopper Aaron Burros said. "I was hoping for snow this year. I'm from up north myself. The rain is good."

"I wish it wasn't raining. I would have probably worn something a little nicer," Tonye Carlton said. "I'm in the Christmas spirit and I'm just happy to be out with my family."

As last minute buyers dodged raindrops outside some stores, others went from shop to shop inside the comfort of the mall.

"I always do last minute. It's a tradition I have," shopper Jerry Smith said. "I'm always out here the last day of the shopping season. Always save one thing for last."

"Last minute thing is not always good because it's hard to make those decisions," Daniel Quijano said. "But what can you do, you know? It's the thought that counts so let's be jolly about it."

"This is my first year to ever shop on Christmas Eve and I was lucky because I drove in and got a great parking spot," Ellan Adams said.

Whether it was the first time or an annual tradition, most of the last-second shoppers seemed to dodge parking lot puddles with a smile.

"It's a beautiful day to be out," Bill Donelson said. "Sort of 'Christmas-y,' you know? Festive."

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