Local man helps out homeless for holiday season


This holiday season, we have seen so many acts of generosity. For one group of friends, they didn't need a sponsor or an organization, just the spirit of the season and a desire to help.

Willie Davis embraces these strangers as if they were old friends; kindred spirits meeting in a Midtown parking lot.

"I'm here giving back to these people, man, because it's something that just came upon my heart to do," said Davis.

Recently, his grandmother encouraged Davis to think about the real meaning of Christmas, and that's all it took.

"I think it's in the spirit of Christmas, and helping the less fortunate, and we'd like to tell them thank you," said Dawn Jones, who is homeless.

Davis rounded up some friends and co-workers, gathered donations and rolled up on this parking lot. The impact was immediate. For some, it was a warm blanket.

"It's awesome, God bless us all. We're homeless and we need their help," said Kimberly James, who's also homeless.

For others, it was some much needed food. And for Paul Yarbrough, it was something to keep the wind out.

"A jacket with a zipper," Yarborough said.

Tears of joy from a man who admits 2011 has been tough. But when strangers come to brighten the season, there is hope that 2012 may be just a bit better.

"This is the season for giving, not just this month, it's for giving for the whole year," said Davis.

Davis says he and his friends were so inspired today that they plan on getting a head start next year. They want to raise more money and help more people.

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