Shipping companies busy delivering packages during holidays


Leroy Moses has worked for FedEx for 21 years. He drives for FedEx Express Delivery. He loves his job, he says, especially on days like today.

"The holidays, the whole week is tough," Moses said.

Package after package, Moses drives and scans and delivers.

"You get in a mindset where you been doing it a long time, so there's nothing to it. Just get out here and do it," he said.

And Thursday is the day this year when more packages get delivered than any other day.

"We come in early and get off late," Moses said.

FedEx says this is the busiest season in its history, already breaking its single day delivery record earlier this month at more than 17 million packages. It seems, despite the economy, people still want to give.

"People still finding money to shop and to buy toys, to buy gifts. And that's the best part about it," Moses said.

UPS is also finding Thursday its busiest of the year for ground deliveries. Friday is its busiest day for air. The company has hired an additional 56,000 seasonal employees to help get everything delivered.

"We're gonna do over 26 million packages today. That's roughly a 60 percent increase over what we'd normally handle on a typical day in terms of delivery. It takes a team effort and we have a lot of fun this time of year," UPS employee Shane Boyles said.

It's almost as much fun probably as the people on the receiving end of all of those packages.

UPS company expects to deliver 25 million packages Thursday -- that's 300 packages per second. On a standard business day, they usually deliver 15.6 million.

This week, they've added 400 additional flights per day.

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