Mom of 4-year-old allegedly murdered by her boyfriend: He was my life


After a tearful plea by the boy's father, Michael Allen Seaton's family in Milam County convinced him to turn himself in. Soon, he will be joining his girlfriend in the Harris County Jail.

Britni Glover is considered a high-security inmate at the Harris County Jail so she was in handcuffs when we spoke with her.

Glover says in the months that she was with Seaton, he never hit her. Instead, according to investigators, her four-year-old was the target.

Dustyn Roff got to see Santa this year, but not Christmas. His mother's will be spent behind bars. Glover is charged in connection to her son's murder. Still, she's grieving like any parent would.

"It's devastating. He's gone. He was my life. I feel completely lost," Glover said.

Glover talked to us from jail just a few hours after her boyfriend, Seaton, turned himself in. He's accused of abusing the four-year-old. Houston police say last Thursday, he was so mad that Glover came home from work late, that he beat the boy so badly he died.

Police say there were signs of repeated abuse on his body. Glover admits she had noticed bruises before but says when she questioned Seaton or her son, "there was always an excuse why he had this or that on him. He just fell when they were playing or accidents happen."

And she said she "never took him to the doctor."

Seaton fled Harris County but stayed in familiar territory, his hometown near Cameron, Texas. On Tuesday afternoon with no warning, he walked into the Milam County Jail and turned himself in.

Sheriff David Greene says for days, they had been putting pressure on Seaton's relatives to convince him to surrender.

"You never know in a situation like this, you worry about a deputy running up on him somewhere or just whatever. And for his safety and the officers' safety, I'm glad he did what he did," Greene said.

On Tuesday, we also learned CPS had two previous reports of abuse involving the mother and child but a spokeswoman says when they followed up, they could never find the two.

The manager of the apartment complex where they lived says several tenants had witnessed Seaton hitting Dustyn outside.

"It was three or four people said they actually saw him strike the child," said Candlewick Apartments manager Samuel Sanders said.

But Glover says those tenants never told her. She says she also wasn't aware of Seaton's previous conviction for abusing a two-year-old girl. He is now charged with capital murder, while she is in jail for not protecting her son and she accepts blame.

"I feel like it was my fault. I should have done something. He was my baby," Glover said.

Glover cried throughout our interview but she didn't appear to be angry with Seaton.

Police say Glover she watched as Seaton beat her child, but she didn't really answer when we asked her about the claim.

HPD homicide detectives arrived at the Milam County Jail around 5:15pm on Tuesday and they had planned on questioning Seaton before bringing him back to Harris County.

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