Inmate moms celebrate Christmas in jail with their kids


The 15 female inmates got to spend time with their children as part of the Sheriff's Office's re-entry services program. A charity group called Navidad En el Barrio, which translates to Christmas in the Neighborhood, provided gifts for the inmates to give their children. Sheriff's deputies also had a message for the inmates.

"It's very important, very important that we get to spend time with our kids even being incarcerated," said inmate Gwendolyn Jackson.

"If you could have just seen the eyes, their eyes light up when the mothers came in with Santa Claus' it was just a glorious event. And as the sheriff stated, please make sure next time that you're not in here to celebrate Christmas," said Major Edwin Davis with the Harris Co. Sheriff's Office.

This is the second year for this program. It began last year with 10 female prisoners. The Sheriff's Office hopes to expand it next year.

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