Have a tight Christmas budget? Consider resale shops


We know shopping resale is a bargain, but knowing how to navigate the store is another way to score even better deals.

The Catholic Charity Guild Shop is so popular, the building recently doubled its size and had a great year.

"All of our profits go to children's charities, which we choose carefully, and this year we will be able to really donate a lot of money because the shop is doing so well," said Liz Corever with the Charity Guild of Catholic Women's resale shop.

And consignors bring in many unique items from jewelry, clothing, furniture and knickknacks.

"It's fabulous, it's beautiful, and I can't believe the prices," shopper Bobbie Tremain said.

Tremain is getting all her Christmas shopping done at the charity guild. She found a basket full of Christmas items for half off the "resale" price.

"I was in the design business for many years; I always bought wholesale, I can't pay retail prices," Tremain said.

And at the charity guild, the longer an item is on consignment, the better the price. For example, a vintage necklace that was originally on sale for $14 is now $7 because it's been on the shelf since November.

"The first mark down is 30 days, then 15 days after that and then 15 days after that will be cheaper," said Annette Brook with the Charity Guild of Catholic Women's resale shop.

The women's boutique is also a popular spot. The charity guild volunteers have designer-only items in this section. Many of the items are organized by label.

We found a Neiman Marcus top for $2.25, and a dress with the tags still attached is half off. In the regular women's clothing section, prices start at just a dollar.

"The big problem with shopping here is that if you see something you think you might like, you have to decide on the spot because the chances are it won't be here when you come back," shopper Robyn Fellows said.

If you are looking for kids' books or clothes, shopper Tavanor Hanks found some prices for 50 cents and a snowman for $3.25.

"For the price and just the quality of the items, it's just really good," Hanks said.

The Charity Guild of Catholic Women resale shop is located in Montrose at 1203 Lovett Boulevard. They are open this week from 10am to 3pm Wednesday-Friday.

All items are sold 'as is' and no returns, refunds or exchanges, so be sure to take a close look at the item you are considering carefully.

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