Four families receive free furniture for holidays


A convoy of Gallery Furniture trucks rolled down Sarah Knight's street Thursday, leaving her very confused. Knight's and 25 other families will receive houses full of furniture this holiday season.

"I can't believe this," she said.

Knight stood in disbelief as Ponderosa firefighters move new furniture into her home.

It all started with a letter from Knight's mother to Mattress Mac Jim McIngvale. The letter describes how Knight's son passed away in March after a long illness and how her daughter's family deserved something nice in their lives.

"It's amazing, it's something we could never do for ourselves but I don't know, I don't feel very deserving," she said.

Mattress Mac told us that years ago, he heard about a car dealer in Kentucky who gave away three used cars every Christmas. Mac said if ever got some money, he would do the same kind of thing.

"The gift he's given this family is just overwhelming and a random act of kindness -- we will find a way to repay someone in the community with this kindness," Knight said.

Mattress Mac began these giveaways in 1983. Four families received furniture on Thursday. The others will receive theirs in the coming weeks.

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