Police search for person shooting at cars in Kingwood


Both shootings happened in the early evening as the victims headed home along Kingwood Drive. And while neither driver was injured, neighbors worry that it's only a matter of time.

Police say there have been no eyewitnesses. They're hoping someone has information which will catch the shooter before someone gets seriously hurt.

Lois Cartwright was driving home from the grocery store at about 4:45pm Monday afternoon on Kingwood Drive just east of Timbershade when she was startled by what she heard.

"Just an explosion. Just an absolute explosion behind my head. I had no idea. It sounded like a bomb," said Cartwright.

She maintained her composure enough to drive a block to a friend's house. That's when she saw the damage: her back passenger window shattered, and shards of glass scattered over her back seat and the car seat where her 4-year-old granddaughter normally sits.

"Had she been in the car with me, she would have been in that seat," said Cartwright.

Something also struck her driver's window. You can see this picture showing how close that shot was to her head.

"Things like that just don't happen in suburbia. You certainly don't think of things like that happening on the way home from the grocery store," Cartwright said.

She thinks the shooter was hiding in a median along Kingwood Drive. You can tell it would be very easy for one to camouflage themselves in this heavy brush.

"A perfect sniper's nest," Cartwright said.

Houston police say they are investigating this and at least one other shooting. The second happened in the same spot the following day. Both vehicles, investigators say, were shot with BBs which they warn could be dangerous depending upon where they strike a person or if they cause a driver to swerve.

"Whoever this is needs to be stopped, needs to be caught, needs to be caught now for everyone's sake," said Cartwright.

She is offering a $200 reward for information leading to the shooter's arrest and conviction. If you can help, contact Houston police.

We worked on this story with The Kingwood Observer, one of our Houston Community Newspaper partners.

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