Police: Man intentionally drove right into store


A woman was seen running for her life into the store. Authorities say she was trying to escape from a person who was supposedly her friend after a confrontation. Moments later, that "friend" smashed his truck into the building.

Then the driver, Erik Whitaker, got out of the truck and looked under it to see if he ran over her. She was safe on the other side.

At that point, police say Whitaker walked out of the store and stole an SUV. But as he was fleeing, he crashed head-on with a bread truck.

"I'm right behind him. He drives all the way down and I see his pickup, go across that curb and take that tree out, and at that point, I'm on the phone with 911," said witness Andrea Kreisel.

Whitaker is hospitalized in critical but stable condition. He's facing several charges, including attempted first degree murder and the theft for taking that SUV.

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