Boy battling cancer gets surprise before Christmas


Maria De Los Angeles Ruiz Ojeda says her son, Oscar, wants a lot of cars in his room. On Tuesday, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Broyhill Furniture and Gallery Furniture did just that.

They re-did Oscar's room and put up construction machines and cars and gave him a new bed and chair. The team finished just in time to surprise little Oscar. He is very shy and slowly takes in all the new changes to his room.

"Oscar told us he wanted a new room and that he loves construction and toys and he also likes super heroes. So that's what we wanted to give him for his room when he told us he wanted his room made over," said Nikki Eliason with the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

"I liked it," Oscar said.

Oscar's mother says her son is responding to treatment. He has spent a lot of time at home due to his illness and wanted a special place for himself.

"Kids with conditions such as Oscar, they spend a lot of time in their room. So to give 'em some place to kind of sanctuary for 'em where they spend a lot of that time is really important," Broyhill Furniture President Mark Stephens said.

Broyhill Furniture says they have done about 50 of these makeovers across the country.

Oscar's mom became very emotional when speaking about her son's battle with leukemia. The mother says her family is poor and never thought she could make her son's wishes come true.

Maria says she hopes that everyone who helped in this project will receive many blessings in their lives.

Maria said her son wants to tell Santa Claus that he does not want many gifts, but instead will ask that he never has to go back to the hospital.

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