Texans fans line up for hours for autographs


Texans LB Mario Williams made an appearance at the Verizon store in Uptown Park Tuesday morning. We found at least 70 people who had been in line since last night. Store employees planned on handing tickets to the early birds. Williams continues recovering from a torn pectoral muscle.

One of the fans Eyewitness News talked to was also at Texans RB Arian Foster's autograph signing in Pasadena on Monday night. That fan got in line at 3am Monday morning for last night's event. Hundreds of people had to be turned away from getting an autograph from Foster, but 200 fans did get in.

People brought just about anything they could to get signed, from footballs, to posters, and Foster told Eyewitness News he even signed a baby's onesie outfit and a $2 bill.

The crowd started to chant "Super Bowl" as Foster left the store.

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