Mom accused of abusing her newborn baby


Asucena Yerena Trejo, 20, is charged with injury to a child. According to court documents, in September Trejo's baby, at age approximately one month, was taken to Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital. Doctors say the baby suffered from multiple injuries, including serious wounds to the eyes and multiple fractured bones.

A doctor told the Harris County Sheriff's Office that the baby will be a special needs child, with a high likelihood of permanent cognitive disability, delays in motor skills and visual impairment.

Initially Trejo told authorities she dropped the baby while walking down the stairs at her home. But court documents state that she later confessed to causing the baby's injuries by shaking him and throwing him onto her bed, intentionally lying on top of the baby, and pulling his legs by the ankles. Trejo reportedly admitted that she abused the baby beginning three to four days after being discharged from the hospital because she doesn't believe her current husband is the baby's father.

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