Houston's most wanted fugitive sits in jail


Simmons is wanted in connection with a string of eight bank robberies dating back to August 2010, including one that involved the shooting of off-duty deputy Michael Ellison. Simmons' picture towered over three major freeways. Now those billboards read 'captured.'

Simmons is one of nine men charged in these robbery cases. According to court documents, the defendants would case banks and credit unions inside grocery stores. They would then carry out the robbery during morning hours, using force, violence and intimidation. The FBI has told us they'd carry out the heists with shotguns and assault rifles.

In all, they stole more than $350,000.

Those believed to be part of Simmons' crew were arrested on the Gulf Freeway right after an attempted bank robbery in mid-September. Since then, they've been indicted and are in custody.

The suspects, including Simmons, are charged with conspiracy to commit bank robbery, possession and discharging fire arms during a violent crime.

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