Police search for suspects in game room robbery


It happened at the Post Oak Game Room on South Post Oak near West Orem around 8:30am. According to the security guard, the men walked into the business, pushing him to the ground while pointing guns at everyone inside. The guard says they handcuffed him and stole his gun, then robbed everyone inside.

As the robbers ran out the door, a customer uncuffed the guard, who grabbed a shotgun and fired at them.

"We already know who they are because they've robbed other game rooms before and we got pictures of them, so we know who they are. That's the same truck that has robbed other game rooms," the security guard told Eyewitness News.

The suspects took off in a black Chevy Silverado. The guard says the SUV's back window has been shot out and he believes he might have hit one of the gunmen.

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