Some Pasadena residents warned about rise in home burglaries


Neighbors are taking the warnings seriously. For one homeowner we talked to, the news hit a little too close to home.

After a string of home burglaries, residents in the Pasadena neighborhood say this Christmas, it's not the Grinch they're worried about.

"We think they went in the through the back patio glass because she said when she got home it was opened and the blinds were blowing," one resident said.

This woman, who did not want to be identified, told us thieves broke into her neighbor's house just the other day. Pasadena police say there have been 10 reported break-ins in the last two weeks in the area near Crenshaw Park.

"It's just not right that they think they can just come in your house and take stuff that we work so hard for," said resident Rita Sills.

In most cases, the suspects have entered from the back of the homes, breaking out windows or, in two cases, by crawling in through the doggie door. They've taken cash, jewelry and electronics.

Police have stepped up patrols and are they're asking residents to stay vigilant, especially during the day.

"Now we're going to start keeping everything real tight and keeping extra lights on and stuff," said resident Amy McCartney. "Maybe that will deter them. Maybe they'll think more people are home than what actually is."

Police say it's also important to pay attentionto anyone soliciting in your neighborhood, or people claiming to be utility workers. If you see anything suspicious, call police immediately. No arrests have been made in any of these cases.

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