Theft suspects arrested at Rice Village music store


Police say the group went into a Rice Village music store to sell some instruments, but the deal didn't end as they had planned.

Police cruisers lined University Avenue once they got the call. Officers say a small group of men and women arrived at Amati Music Store in Rice Village and were ready to sell thousands of dollars in stringed instruments. From cellos to violins, they had a small orchestra in their trunk.

But the owners of the store knew something wasn't quite right. The instruments matched a report from an Austin music store that recently had a large theft of its stringed instruments. The store had notified other music stores in the area to be on the lookout.

Before the suspects could make the sale, police were on scene. The accused thieves were handcuffed, and the instruments were confiscated by police.

Police say four suspects were taken to jail and one got away.

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